2-day tour to Vardzia and Rabat

We will visit the rock-hewn city of Vardzia, built by Queen Tamar.  

After breakfast we will drive from Bolnisi to Tsalka-Ninotsminda-Akhalkalaki.

After visiting the Vardzia city, we will continue our Tour to the town of Axaltsiche, which is located along the old silk road. Here we will visit Rabati Castle. This is where you spend the night.

The next day after breakfast, tour continues to Borjomi. In Borjomi's Zertal Park, guests can try the famous Borjomi mineral water straight from the source. We will also visit the Romanovs (the Russian tsars) palace in Likani. Lunch in Borjomi. In the evening it goes back to the German mill in Bolnisi.